Hire carriers

Hire a baby carrier from a local near you for a simple weekly rate. Baby wearing can make travelling so much easier! Carriers include front and back carrying, from newborn to toddlers. Simply locate the product you need in a location convenient to you and contact the owner to rent.

Popular baby carrier brands include Baby Bjorn, Ergobaby and Phil & Teds.

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Hire Baby Equipment

Baby Bjorn from newborn up to 12kg. 
This one is a great summer, as it is quite breathable. 
Bub enjoyed our walks =)
Baby Bjorn
$7 / week
lynn1 Marrickville NSW 2204
Come with instructions manual

Comfortably wraps babies from 8 to 35 lbs

2 ergonomic carry positions: newborn hold & love your baby hold

95% French Terry cotton with a touch of Spandex to retain its shape

Four way stretch that provides flexibility, adjustability, and real support

No guess tying! The intelligent fabric will cling perfectly to the contours of your body and your baby

One size fits all – creates a custom fit every time you tie

International Hip Dysplasia Institute – Certified Hip Healthy
Boba wrap
$5 / week
vii Bankstown NSW 2200