Bednest cosleeper

Bednest cosleeper. Height adjustable. Side folds half or fully down.

Some bedding also available.

We found it particularly good for our reflux bub as it can be tilted.

The Bednest is attached to the main bed and creates a separate, safe place for your baby. During the night, feeding and settling is much easier and quicker, letting both you and baby get more sleep.

The sides are mesh and you can see you can see your baby through the material. Once your Bednest is securely positioned next to your bed you can open one side for easy access to your baby. The other is permanently left up and secured. The fully opened side acts as a bridge between the Bednest and your bed and eliminates any gap. Once you have finished feeding (or cuddling) you must put your baby back into the Bednest and close the side. You can now both sleep safely.

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Everything went smoothly thanks a lot

jan about listing Bednest cosleeper 4 months ago.