Nuna pipa capsule with isofix and normal base

Excellent used condition

recommended use: birth to approximately 6 months.

product weight including base: 10.22 kg.

Weight: 3.5kg (carrier)

Product Dimensions: 174w x 45 h x 68cm

The Rigid ISOFIX Connectors allow for:

A more secure and firm installation in the car. The colour based locking indicators will go green once the base is correctly locked into place. Coupled with the anchor strap the child restraint will be securely installed and provide greater safety for infants.

Faster installation making a transfer from vehicles easier for busy carers.

Even more error free installation when using ISOFIX to install a child restraint, as there are no additional adjustments required when connecting to the anchorage points. Unlike the SOFT ISOFIX Connectors that require users to adjust strap lengths which in some cases may not tighten sufficiently. The Nuna Pipa Klik Rigid Connectors will indicate green when correctly locked into place giving parents and carers peace of mind.

Brand : Nina pipa

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